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Labo Fish Biotechnologies, SLU is a small laboratory that manufactures biological chemical formulae for aquariums. This business was initiated by an engineer, former executive within a big multinational. It all comes back to 1998. For traders and shop information, we are glad to inform that Labo-Fish products are manufactured and distributed in small print runs, but they are known by consumers due to advertising inserted in acuarofilia magazines and sponsorship campaigns. We look for distributors or licensees abroad.





To develop formulas a team of experts (biologists, engineers in purification of water, chemists, etc.) were found and doses of formulas were calculated. Therefore Labo-Fish formulas for water incorporate the latest advances in biology and technology of the water, although they do not resort to the use of hormones, they are concentrated, easy to use, and technically sound. The web for Labo-Fish products is www.labofish.com.

We have a new line of products within the laboratory. These are cosmetic creams. See them at www.talcomoera.es. The former experience we have in the use of biological additives has been used for the formulations of the creams.




Labo-Fish sponsors various associations, such as SEC (Spanish Society for Ciprinodóntidos) and AEA (Spanish Association of Acuariófilos). Labo-Fish also sponsors artists on exhibition of painting.


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The owner of Labo-Fish spent some time in Oxford. He is entitled as the 3rd Count of Sánchez-Ocaña, you can view the Web of this family at  www.s-o.es.

When the Count of Sánchez-Ocaña worked in Paris within the cosmetics multinational L’OREAL a small anecdote happened that may be of interest to the public.

Indeed such a multinational manufactured spray lacquer for hair, perfumes, deodorants, etc. with propellant gas CFC in the factory of Saint-Quentin, near Normandy.

At that time (year 1988) information began to spread that CFC gas could damage the ozone layer. People was not aware of the meaning of all this for the planet. However the count knew the problem well, because of his friendship with the Alvarez from the Association GREFA (Autochthon Fauna Recovery Group) which had reported this socioeconomic problem. The Alvarez from GREFA still keep a very nice collection of Eagles and Vultures at  their Majadahonda facilities near Madrid...

At a meeting in Paris precisely in 1988 the problem was arisen as what to do with the CFC’s. The meeting was attended by Mr. Hermann, director of personnel of the multinational, a new recruit who soon became the Chief Engineer of the factory of Saint-Quentin (an engineer of the school “Central” Paris), the count and others.

Mr. Hermann then raised the problem of CFC’s that barely anyone understood. The only one who was aware was the count, and conveyed his view of the need to remove the CFC’s as aerosol propellant.

The only one to receive the information was the other engineer, from the central school of Paris, who was eventually named director of the factory of Saint-Quentin the following year, and proceeded to eliminate CFC’s by replacing them with butane gas.

Therefore we believe that people integrated into Labo-Fish teams had in the past a good influence on the evolution of the planet Earth, and shall in the future repeat the deed, generating the least amount of spam or rubbish.

Therefore we humbly request a donation that can be sent through our home page, since the market products for Aquarium is a little weak, however we are expanding the activities of the laboratory..

We hope this information of interest to the reader. As what to think on the recent problems of L’OREAL and Mme Betancourt and her daughter and Monsieur Jean-Marie Bannier we will live consideration to the reader.